Fundraising & Donations

Community Support

Welcome to the ARBY’S Community Support program! RB American Group is the largest Arby’s franchisee and has been doing business in Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Arkansas, Colorado, Idaho, Wyoming, and Washington for nearly 50 years. We are committed to giving back to the local communities in which we do business. We welcome the opportunity to provide support for schools and non-profit organizations.

We are passionate about getting involved with local schools and non-profit organizations; therefore, we have 4 options to get your school or organization started:

Benefit Night Fundraising

Your local Arby’s can sponsor a fundraising event for your non-profit organization. Your group receives 20% of the sales brought in by supporters who mention your organization. This is a great way to bring students, staff and parents together to raise money for your organization and enjoy some great food.

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Schools and Libraries

Arby’s hopes to help those who are working to increase the chances of success for youth in our communities. We offer several opportunities designed to reward and encourage our youth in their academic and community achievements: Please remember that only one recognition reward may be requested per month.

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In Kind Donations

Donations for non-profit organizations typically range from certificates, coupons, or Arby’s swag items.

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Large Group Orders

Large group order options are available to any organization at a discounted price. The difference between the menu price and the discounted price is considered our donation to your organization.

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